The appeal of “Sharehouse”

The reason why people choose “sharehouse” is various. It is said that Sharehouse are low initial costs, no guarantor and reasonable rent. However, if you live in Sharehouse, you will get a chance to exchange with new people and make new friends with not only Japanese but also other nationalities. “Exchanging” is the most appeal point.
You will spend exciting time at our sharehouses.


  • Best location♪
    Every sharehouses are within 10 minutes walk distance from the nearest station.

  • Various types♪
    We offer various type of sharehouse such as woman-only, dormitory type and high-quolity type. you will find a room that fits your needs.

  • Staff
    We have some staffs who had lived in LAFESTA before. We do a best for our resident and stand at the resident’s point of view.

Our Policy

  • We value the residents opinions,and provide them for exchanging opportunity.
    Our house rules are based on our sharehouse’s experience.
  • We have a cleaning staff and keep cleaning each sharehouses.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside sharehouse/

Live in LAFESTA!

We regularly have a exchanging party for meeting new people and making new friends.
In Japan particularly Tokyo, it’s hard to get a chance to exchange with new people if you start working.
We believe the sharehouse is the best place to having a fun and great experience.
We also welcome the people who are not the residents to our parties. Let’s have a great time at our Sharehouse!!