Q:Is there any available rooms?
Q:When can I see the room?
Q:Can I make a reservation from oversea?

Q:Move in date is over 1 month, is it possible to see the house?
Q:Can I stay in the house with my friend?
Q:Can I change the room or house?
Q:is there house rule?

【Contract and Initial fee】

Q:Do you need a guarantor?
Q:Is it possible to make a contract If I am younger than 18 years old?
Q:Is it possible to stay 1 months?
Q:What do you need when we make a contract?
Q:I would like to know about the initial fee.
Q:how can I pay the monthly rent?

Q:How do I do when I move out?


Q:What kind of people are living in LAFESTA?

Q:I would like to know the age group.
Q:Is there an age limit?
Q:I would like to know the ratio of Man and Women.
Q:I would like to know the ratio of Nationality.
Q:Is there a cleaning staff?
Q:Is there a manager who would manage garbages?
Q:Is there any limitation at common area?
Q:Is there a curfew?
Q:Can I invite my friend and family?
Q:Is there a house party?

Q:Do I have to join any party or have to exchange other residents?